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Welcome to Pae Ake!


'Grow with Learning' is our motto and we are always amazed at how much learning and growing our fabulous Year 3 and 4 students do during their time in Pae Ake. 


In 2020 we are working as 2 separate hubs:

  • Pae Ake Green - Janine McIntyre, Hannah Day

  • Pae Ake Blue - Mel Mabey, Lauren Pyle 

                               Kerry Bradshaw will rejoin Pae Ake Blue in Term 3


There will be times when we work as the whole Pae Ake group

For example;

  • Friday Explore opt in workshops

  • Maker Space workshops

  • Arts Opt in workshops

  • Whanau Hui


If you have any questions or queries about how the programme works please contact your whanau teacher in the first instance.


We hope you have a fun year in Pae Ake. 

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